Passports of the European Union

The European Union itself does not issue ordinary passports, but ordinary passport booklets issued by its 28 member states share a common format. This common format features burgundy-coloured covers (with the exception of Croatia) emblazoned—in the official language(s) of the issuing country (and sometimes its translation into English and French)—with the title "European Union", followed by the name(s) of the member state, its coat of arms, the word "PASSPORT", together with the biometric passport symbol at the bottom centre of the front cover.

Some EU member states also issue non-EU passports to certain people who have a nationality which does not render them citizens of the European Union (e.g., British Overseas Territories Citizens except those with a connection to Gibraltar, British Protected Persons and British Subjects).

In addition, the European Commission issues European Union Laissez-Passers to the members and certain civil servants of its institutions.

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Give EU nationals in UK a physical document, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland tell Home Office

The Independent 16 Sep 2021
“This process may be considered bureaucratic and slow, and deter employers from offering work to EU citizens ... “If the UK government can offer safe and secure paper vaccine passports, it can do the same for EU citizens’ immigration status and QR technology means such documentation is extremely hard to tamper with or forge.”....

Foreign students struggling to pay for UK university

BBC News 16 Sep 2021
'I felt really shocked' ... Because she's double vaccinated, Angela won't have to quarantine when she lands back in the UK this time, but she's concerned about her vaccine passport. "I had one vaccine in the UK and the other in Spain, so I don't have an NHS or EU Covid pass so that might cause problems." ... ....

EU Covid certs offer for Irish citizens in Northern Ireland

BBC News 15 Sep 2021
Irish passport holders vaccinated in Northern Ireland are to be given access to an EU Digital Covid Certificate via an Irish government website ... said "any Irish passport holder in Northern Ireland who got a vaccine will be entitled to get the EU cert through the portal"....

First and deputy First Ministers join call for physical document to be issued to EU settled citizens

Belfast Telegraph 15 Sep 2021
Northern Ireland’s First and deputy First Ministers have joined with other devolved nations to call on the UK Government to provide physical proof of EU citizens settled status ... “If the UK Government can offer safe and secure paper vaccine passports, it can do the same for EU citizens’ immigration status.”....

Airlines and travel firms face millions in claims after applying wrong passport rules

The Independent 15 Sep 2021
“You will need a passport valid for at least three months after the date you intend to leave the EU country you are visiting [and] which was issued within the previous 10 years.” ......

Israel and EU reach reciprocal Covid passport agreement

Globes 15 Sep 2021
... certificate will gain access to the EU's Green Passport system, which allows entry to restaurants, places of entertainment, public institutions and the like, in line with the Covid instruction in each individual country....

Dutch Authorities Investigating COVID-19 Protests That Featured Nazi Uniforms, Mock Execution of Jewish Prisoner

The Algemeiner 15 Sep 2021
Protestors in the French city of Avignon used symbols of the Nazi Holocaust to protest coronavirus restrictions. Photo. Twitter ... September 15, 2021 9.53 am. 0 ... The protestors also compared a proposed EU passport reserved for those who have been vaccinated against the disease to Nazi antisemitism ... ....

Travel Questions

The Independent 14 Sep 2021
But the EU are less than gracious ... So wasn’t it reasonable of us to impose a requirement for EU travellers to have passports? ... made by Brexiteers in the referendum on EU membership....

UK’s already hard-hit travel sector to see even more jobs culled, industry body warns, slams ...

Russia Today 14 Sep 2021
He urged the government to “wake up to the damage” it is doing to the industry. Also on France slams ‘discriminatory’ UK quarantine rules as travelers must undergo isolation despite waivers for EU and US arrivals ... Also on EU Digital Covid passport extended to non-members Ukraine, Turkey and North Macedonia....

How to apply for your National Insurance number

The Motley Fool 14 Sep 2021
Getting a job in the UK requires you to have a National Insurance number ... A passport from any country A biometric residence permit (BRP) A National Identity card from a country in the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland ... However, you do not need a National Insurance number to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme ... A word of caution ... Would I buy it? ....

Vaccinating People Who Have Had COVID-19: Why Doesn’t Natural Immunity Count in the U.S.?

Children's Health Defense 14 Sep 2021
Israel recommends that people who have had COVID-19 wait three months before getting one mRNA vaccine dose and offers a “green pass” (vaccine passport) to those with a positive serological result regardless of vaccination. In the EU, people are eligible for an EU digital COVID ......

EU Lawmakers Call for Sanctions Against Moscow 'for Blocking Minsk Agreements'

Urdu Point 13 Sep 2021
In the draft report on the future strategy of relations with Russia, which is planned to be approved at the plenary session in Strasbourg, the members of the European Parliament call on the EU to expand sanctions against Moscow for issuing Russian passports to residents of Crimea ......

Covid passports: what are European countries doing?

The Observer 13 Sep 2021
While the government has shelved plans for Covid passports in nightclubs and other crowded places in England, at least a dozen EU countries now operate similar schemes for access to a wide range of venues and activities, from restaurants to team sports ... Within the EU, some ......